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How to handle bonuses in an OKR world

I’ve been working with OKRs (Objectives and Key Results) for a while, and one of the problems I recurrently face is whether or not to tie OKRs with bonuses. This is a post based on

10/08/2018: Biggest Stories in the Cryptosphere

by BlockEx 1. First ICO Launched In Singapore Y Ventures Group was the first one to hold an ICO, by launching a token (AORA) sale with the aim of raising $50 million. The funds will

Must-have features to monetize your elearning applications

Ideas are worth nothing unless they can generate revenue. If you thought of a revolutionary innovation in education technology, let’s go over your monetization options before you go broke. First, let’s answer the question “What

Using Cosmic JS and Zapier to integrate your content across the Web

Configuring the Action The speed that man flies out of the window is comparable to the speed of the Integration. Now from this point we have established the following setup: Sets up a trigger that instantly

Maybe MoviePass Shouldn’t Compare Itself to Uber

There are certain similarities between the two disrupting companies—like spending lots of money.


New Course: Design a Corporate Website Using UI Kits in Sketch

If you need to design a corporate website, you can save yourself a lot of time and trouble by using a UI kit.  What is a UI kit, and how do you use one? Our

WooCommerce vs Easy Digital Downloads: Which One Should You Use?

By its market share, WordPress is the most popular way to create an eCommerce store. And despite the overwhelming popularity of WooCommerce, there are actually multiple …

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How to Install Apache Maven on CentOS 7

Apache Maven is a open source software project management and build automation tool, that is based on the conception of a project object model (POM), which is primarily used for deploying Java-based applications, but...

Who does agile really benefit?

Who does agile really benefit?

Everyone wants to improve their experience at work.

Whether that takes the form of increasing efficiency, reducing confusion and anxiety about what needs to be done, feeling like your ideas and feedback are heard and respected, or simply knowing that the projects you work on are making an impact, there are seemingly endless ideas about how the nature of work can be improved for employees and employers alike.

Within the world of software, agile practices have been among the most talked about ways of improving processes. But are they all that they’re cracked up to be?

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Building a better thermostat with Home Assistant

A couple of years ago, I returned home from a 15-day trip in the middle of a heat wave, and my apartment was way too hot—at least 45ºC (113ºF) inside. Needless to say, it wasn’t

Aurora Serverless MySQL Generally Available

You may have heard of , a custom built MySQL and PostgreSQL compatible database born and built in the cloud. You may have also heard of , which allows you to build and run applications and services without thinking about instances. These are two pieces of the growing AWS technology story that we’re really excited […]

When Twitter Engineers Speak Out, @Jack Listens

Silicon Valley engineers have the power to shape products and companies—both of which have enormous impact on our society.

The Sinclair/Tribune Merger Is Dead. Here’s Why That Matters

It may seem strange to worry about the future of broadcast in this digital era, but the fact remains: that’s how many people get their news.

Public vs. Private Blockchain

What is the difference between a public blockchain and a private blockchain? Does it matter? Which is better? Gallactic believes that currently there are pros and cons between both Private and Public Blockchains, but time


How to Help Your Users Deal With Design Changes

Dealing with change isn’t easy, especially if users have become adjusted to a particular way of doing things. Introducing change through UI updates or even a wide reaching design overhaul can be tricky. Here are


25+ Best Free Drupal 7 & 8 CMS Themes to Make Sites (2018)

Drupal is a powerful CMS that can be used to create a variety of different websites. It’s free to use and the best part is that it has a plethora of themes available suitable for

5 Tools to Scan a Linux Server for Malware and Rootkits

There are constant level of high attacks and port scans on Linux servers all the time, while a properly configured firewall and regular security system updates adds a extra layer to keep the system...

A Retrospective on my time as Organizer of the SF Cryptocurrency Devs Meetup

Emergency Readings One Thursday afternoon, Taariq excitedly posted a link with the following caption: Check this out! It is the new Hotness! Avalanche, DAGS! ?? He was of course talking about Team Rocket’s recently published

The Good and the Bad of .NET Framework Programming

.NET is a software development framework and ecosystem designed and supported by Microsoft to allow for easy desktop and web application engineering. It’s a popular free platform currently used for a lot of different types

Queue Busting: How it will help the retailers to increase ROI?

In the blended world of technology and retail every small big aspect matter equally. Yes, there are many important things a retailer must keep in mind when considering daily basis operation. Therefore, a good retailer