OpenVPN Connect- How to setup Digital Ocean droplet as a VPN with static IP

Not strictly WordPress-related, this is nonetheless an issue that faces many web developers: how to access your client’s hosting when the client needs you to have a static IP address… More »


Trying to bank the unbanked still isn’t working.

Changing the world one transaction at a time. Where’s the first place you think of when somebody says “cryptocurrency?” The Silicon Valley? South Korea? Japan? Maybe Australia? And that, right there, is the biggest problem with


How to Enhance Your Website With Motion Graphics

Movement has long been one of the most powerful ways to make a website stand out. It has evolved to the point where designers now have a wide variety of options, ranging from simple microinteractions


Online Pokies in Australia: Main Features

‘Pokies’ is the term for slots used in Australia. They’re also called poker machines, gambling machines or gaming machines. Traditional slots are based on five-card poker systems similar to a regular poker. For now, there

Programming Languages May Finally Be Reaching a Status Quo

In new rankings from analyst firm RedMonk, Apple’s programming language Swift and Android favorite Kotlin saw their meteoric growth slightly slow down.


With Strategy, the Medium is the Message

Marshall McLuhan, with his famous quote, “the medium is the message,” makes the point that the content of a message is less significant than the medium used. To illustrate, consider two parallel societies. Both societies


Top Hacker Noon Dev & Crypto Stories is the easiest way to exchange cryptocurrency, for individuals and companies alike. Exchange or purchase cryptocurrency with credit card now. Heyo Hacker, it’s time to read great tech stories 🙂 Happy Monday! August’s top DEV Stories (so far)


Index of Best Blockchain/Crypto Learning Resources

That’s it for now. Did I miss any awesome blogs/videos/resources? Let me know on Twitter or comments. Found this post useful? Kindly tap the ? button below! 🙂 This list was originally curated on Nucleus, a

How to compile and install Linux Kernel 4.18 from source code nixCraft Updated Tutorials/Posts

Compiling a custom kernel has its advantages and disadvantages. However, new Linux user/admin find it difficult to compile Linux kernel. Compiling kernel needs to understand few things and then type a couple of commands. This

Find the Ideal WordPress Calendar Plugin for Your Website

Calendars get used every day in marketing firms, doctor’s offices, web design companies, and your local McDonald’s. Some calendars are still made of paper, but it’s …

The post Find the Ideal WordPress Calendar Plugin for Your Website appeared first on Kinsta Managed WordPress Hosting.


Linux zcat Command Examples for Newbies

Normally, files compressed using gzip can be restored to their original form using gzip -d or gunzip commands. What if you want to view the contents of a compressed file without uncompressing it? For...

5 Super Simple Tips to Rank YouTube Videos

2018 Video Marketing YouTube is one of the largest platforms regarding catering audience, having the highest numbers of videos, channels, followers and subscribers. That is why if you are on YouTube, everyone and anyone can

Why Blockchain & E-commerce Marketplaces are a match made in heaven?

Thought Leadership at the confluence of Blockchain + E-commerce The blockchain is a revolutionary new technology that everyone is currently raving about. The hype predominantly stemmed from the connections cryptocurrency shares with blockchain technology, but

Face recognition with Go

Neural networks are highly popular today, people use them for a variety of tasks. One particularly useful appliance is face recognition. Recently I’ve realized that my hobby project, a forum software with Go backend, would

Top Crypto New from Asia, Podcast is out! — Aug 8th- Aug 11th

Binance’s DEX; Bitmain to mine Sia, Dash, $10bn rev in 2018; China accelerate blockchain adoption What Crypto insiders are reading on Asia. Our fourth podcast is out in the iTunes store. Check it out! In

Linux dd Command Show Progress Copy Bar With Status nixCraft Updated Tutorials/Posts

I am using dd command for block level copy and just found out that there’s no built in way to check the progress. How do I use the Linux or Unix dd command while coping

E: Unable to locate package on Ubuntu Linux when using apt-get nixCraft Updated Tutorials/Posts

I am tying to install package using the apt or apt-get command line. I get an error that read: root@timothyray:~# apt-get install nginx Reading package lists… Done Building dependency tree Reading state information… Done E:

diff Command Colorize Output On the Unix / Linux Command Line nixCraft Updated Tutorials/Posts

The diff command compares files line by line and displays a list of changes between two files. You can use diff command to: See the changes between one version of a file. Compare two configuration


AWS Events Analysis with ELK

Recording your AWS environment activity is a must have. It can help you monitor your environment’s security continuously and detect suspicious or undesirable activity in real-time. Hence, saving thousands of dollars. Luckily, AWS offers a

The Creative Ways Your Boss Is Spying on You

The most common snooping techniques are relatively subtle, but trouble emerges when employers invest too much significance in these metrics.

How my silly app turned into something potentially useful

Turns out that logging users poops on a map in real time can actually be something that helps everyone. Backstory Around year ago I began looking into React Native; as a web developer the idea

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