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The Sinclair/Tribune Merger Is Dead. Here’s Why That Matters

It may seem strange to worry about the future of broadcast in this digital era, but the fact remains: that’s how many people get their news.

Public vs. Private Blockchain

What is the difference between a public blockchain and a private blockchain? Does it matter? Which is better? Gallactic believes that currently there are pros and cons between both Private and Public Blockchains, but time

5 Tools to Scan a Linux Server for Malware and Rootkits

There are constant level of high attacks and port scans on Linux servers all the time, while a properly configured firewall and regular security system updates adds a extra layer to keep the system...

A Retrospective on my time as Organizer of the SF Cryptocurrency Devs Meetup

Emergency Readings One Thursday afternoon, Taariq excitedly posted a link with the following caption: Check this out! It is the new Hotness! Avalanche, DAGS! ?? He was of course talking about Team Rocket’s recently published

The Good and the Bad of .NET Framework Programming

.NET is a software development framework and ecosystem designed and supported by Microsoft to allow for easy desktop and web application engineering. It’s a popular free platform currently used for a lot of different types

Queue Busting: How it will help the retailers to increase ROI?

In the blended world of technology and retail every small big aspect matter equally. Yes, there are many important things a retailer must keep in mind when considering daily basis operation. Therefore, a good retailer

Datum Network, the Decentralized Storage Network and Personal Data marketplace

Mentioning data breaches usually ends up by people referring to the recent Facebook scandal, which is obvious because it is the latest and one of the biggest data-breach scandals in recent times. The Facebook scandal

Indie hacker’s journey: at the end, is it just Destiny?

How many of you believe you would be in the same phase of life and be what you are today inspite of all the big and important decisions and events till now that have happened

Android: Location Tracking with a Service

Photo by Pathum Danthanarayana on Unsplash I had a goal in mind: I needed a GPS tracking app that would replace a my handheld GPS device as a location tracker and that would automatically load the

Patreon Makes a Move as Tech Giants Encroach on Its Territory

Patreon’s acquisition of Memberful comes a few months after YouTube and Facebook started rolling out similar subscription services to creators.

Blockchain in Healthcare: Opportunities, Challenges, and Applications

Remodelling the Existing Technical Healthcare Infrastructure. Growing businesses demand the need to bring revolutionary changes in all the aspects of their businesses as time and technology progress. When it comes to the field of health

The Beginner’s Approach to ThunderCore

THE PROTOCOL AND ITS MAIN FEATURES What is the principal function of the fast-path? The fast-path offers both high throughput and instant confirmation of transactions. What is the principal function of the slow-chain? The “slow chain”

How to Install Laravel PHP Framework on Ubuntu

Laravel is a free, open source, flexible and lightweight PHP framework with Model-View Controller (MVC) design structure. It has a refined, easy, and readable syntax for developing modern, robust and powerful applications from the...

What you should know before working in Cybersecurity in the Military.

Photo by rawpixel on Unsplash Heard you are working in the weapon industry now ? How is sleeping at night going for you? This sentence was addressed to me a few years ago by a friend’s dad

VEN to VET: X Node Ledger Bind Tutorial

Ledger support for VeChain hit the market this afternoon in my time zone, and I just went through the entire process. There’s been tons of questions thrown around about how it’s done exactly?—?that, in combination

Viral Political Ads May Not Be As Persuasive As You Think

Does more engagement mean your message is resonating with more people? For politicians campaigning on social media, focusing too much on shares and likes might be a mistake.

Challenging conventional wisdom — Blockchain and Education

In the world’s developed countries, the field of education is of prime importance. This is because the future of all other areas of endeavour, such as science, medicine, agriculture, industry etc., is dependent on the

Why Cyptocurrencies Won’t Be Irrelevant For Long

It’s easy to see the potential of blockchain, but don’t be too quick to discredit cryptocurrencies Ask me and the Eden Labs team questions on our Telegram Group and receive updates, analysis, and research insights.

Forecasting Market Movements Using Tensorflow

Photo by jesse orrico on Unsplash Multi-Layer Perceptron for Classification Is it possible to create a neural network for predicting daily market movements from a set of standard trading indicators? In this post we’ll be looking