Month: February 2016

Password Reset for All

A key feature that has been requested by cPanel Server Administrators, cPanel Users, and End Users (Webmail, FTP, Web Disk) alike, has been the ability to reset passwords without the need for Administrator or Account Owner intervention. We have recently revamped the Password Reset process to enhance its capabilities and extend them to allow Subaccounts to reset their passwords via a self-service process. This means that Webmail, FTP, and Web Disk accounts that have been …

PHP 7 Is Here!

One of our most requested features is for PHP 7 support.  We’ve heard you loud and clear, and over the last few weeks we’ve been working to bring PHP 7 to EasyApache.  I’d like to announce that it is now available in our primary EA4 repositories. PHP 7 brings a lot of improvements to the table. One of the most notable changes are the speed improvements gained from PHPNG, the newly refactored Zend Engine …

We’re Moving to Perl 5.22 in cPanel & WHM Version 56

If you use custom code on your cPanel & WHM servers, please read this message! Without further action on your part, your custom code may break in cPanel & WHM version 56. In version 56, we will compile the cPanel & WHM binaries against Perl version 5.22. Previously, we compiled binaries against Perl 5.14.4. Because of this, the upgrade to Perl 5.22 may cause problems with any custom Perl code that you execute from cPanel …

Marketing Book Club

Effectively marketing cPanel to the web hosting community involves creativity and collaboration. As a confessed bibliophile, I can’t help but wonder which books inspire my colleagues to do their best work. So, I asked them.

Keeping the cPanel Community In Style

In March 2015, at the annual conference in Rust, Germany, cPanel first unveiled all new branding to the web hosting community. New Forums – New Style The cPanel Community Forums is one of cPanel’s most popular resources on the web, second only to the cPanel Documentation site. The forums were slated for updates during the second phase of the company’s rebranding efforts, and the time had come to move to a new …

An Interview with Matt Pugh, CEO of WHMCS

Matt Pugh, CEO of WHMCS talks to cPanel’s Chief Business Officer about the relationship between the two companies, and some exciting new features both teams are working on together.


The Power of a Return Visitor—Cultivating Relationships That Lead to Conversion

When you’re looking for a partner, a first date is great, but will it lead to marriage? Anyone celebrating their luxury sailing anniversary will tell you, building a lasting relationship is a whole different ball

The Server that Couldn’t Slow Down

We’re obsessed in this society with speed. We always want a fast car, fast internet speed, fast food…but, what about faster software updates?