Month: December 2015

A Lot Can Happen in a Year

Scroll through our year-end recap for all the fun facts and figures. Oh, and look out for the amount of coffee drank. We’re certainly wired and ready for 2016!

cP1Con | Your Passport to All Things cPanel

Product previews? Check. Sessions? Check. Training courses? Check…Alright, let’s do it! This upcoming year, the cPanel team will be loading up our backpacks and heading on the road to meet with customers, partners, and web professionals around the globe in our brand new event series, cP1Con. cP1Con is a one-day event hosted in various locations throughout the world. It packs product demos, training sessions, and many of the things our community has come to love …

External Authentication

Don’t you hate having to remember so many usernames and passwords? The External Authentication feature allows system administrators to grant users the ability to link credentials at OpenID authentication providers to their user accounts. So, if the user is currently authenticated to an external provider that they’ve linked to their user account, they can click on the provider’s button on the login interface to automatically login to cPanel or WHM. One …

3 Ways to Boost Your Marketing in 2016 with cPanel & WHM

Before you head into 2016, check out these tips to leverage the power of cPanel & WHM to help you sell more web hosting.

How to disable responsive images in WordPress 4.4

The latest version of WordPress, 4.4 (“Clifford”), has rolled out a feature whereby it adds ‘srcset’ attributes to all image tags in order that browsers can decide which image to… More »

Update Your Style for Version 54

In cPanel and WHM version 54, the cPanel interface is changing in a lot of ways, which means the way you customize cPanel styles will also change. With a few more elements and classes, you can easily update your 11.52 style to 54. Before we updated to version 54, we applied a custom style to the Siteocity cPanel interface. As an example, here’s what we did to update the …


Install St George IPG on CentOS with cPanel

yum install swig gcc gcc-c++ autoconf automake sed php-devel mkdir -p /opt/stgeorgeipg/ && cd /opt/stgeorgeipg/ wget –user-agent=”Mozilla/5.0 (Windows NT 5.2; rv:2.0.1) Gecko/20100101 Firefox/4.0.1″ tar -xvzf StGeorgeLinuxAPI-3.3.tar.gz cd webpaySWIG-3.3 Once downloaded and extracted, edit the

Strategies to Grow Your Business | Weebly Webinars

Mark your calendar. On December 16th, rather than clicking aimlessly around the web, we encourage you to take some time out of your day to join our friends over at Weebly for their webinar on Strategies to Grow Your Business in Today’s Climate. In conjunction with the folks that put on HostingCon, Penton, this webinar, led by VP of MTM Technologies, Bill Kleyman, will explore how cloud computing is fundamentally revolutionizing the way business is …

Patchman | A Bodyguard for Your Server

With the internet growing larger and our dependency on digital information growing ever more prominent, the issues of web security are a continual discussion point in the world of hosting as well as amongst the web professionals that float through the halls of cPanel. Not only are we looking for new ways to improve our product but we love to highlight others in the web security space that are making strides to make the world …