Month: April 2009

Refreshing Your Firefox Profile

I’m a big fan of Firefox, and it’s been my main web browser for as long as I can remember. Partly because it’s pretty good with web standards, and partly… More »


Linux server tip: force reboot/shutdown

Forcing reboot A Linux Server is not Windows XP and if reboot fail you usually still connect by SSH and do something. This commands will show you how to remotely hard reboot machine. Hard reboot


How To Set Up A Load-Balanced MySQL Cluster With MySQL 5.1

This tutorial is based on Falko Timme’s tutorial for MySQL Cluster 5.0. It shows how to configure a MySQL 5.1 cluster with five nodes: 1 x management, 2 x storage nodes and 2 x balancer

Enabling GZip on WAMP

If you use WAMP ( to develop websites on a local PC, then you probably don’t need to enable gzip (server-side file compression to reduce the amount of data transferred… More »


How to update Virtuozzo Node to the newest Kernel

Virtuozzo includes a utility to update itself and the included templates. To run this, you will need to ssh into the hardware node and execute the command: vzup2date In order to update the templates, add