Month: May 2008


Preparing server for bare metal restore using R1Soft Live Rescue CD

Follow these steps to prepare a Linux or Windows server backup system, prodced by R1Soft,   for a bare metal restore. 1. Put the R1Soft Live Rescue CD into the machine you are going to


Installing Cacti

Server monitoring is one of the most important aspects of managing a network. Cacti is a free PHP/MySQL script which can monitor everything from process counts to bandwidth, and is fairly easy to setup and


Installing Webmin

While the big control panel suites you can install, like cPanel or Plesk, are excellent for large scale deployments or easy system administration, sometimes you just want an interface to quickly carry out complex tasks,

Website Language Selection

You will all have visited websites that present their content in more than one language – and they allow you to select the language in some way. Right now I’m… More »