Month: February 2008

Choosing a JavaScript Framework

I’m working on a new website (one for me, not a client) and I need it to do some fancy visual things (lightboxing of images and HTML content, etc). Because… More »


Installing cPanel/WHM on a vanilla CentOS 5 Server

After having initially installed your latest CentOS5 OS on your server you need to take a few steps to get cPanel/WHM running securily on your server.


Issues with Rails on CENTOS5 and cPanel ?

I was trying to get rails to work through cPanel on Centos 5 and as many of you, I have encountered problems too. Here’s what made it work for me (run as root):


cPanel Security – Random JS Toolkit

A server compromise trend has been recently reported targeting multiple hosting platforms. RedHat Enterprise Linux & Centos 4/5 and Fedora Core 5/6 are the most common targets. This compromise is not believed to be specific


cPanel easy apache3 not wanting to play ball

Just recently we had a little glitch on one of our cPanel server which we wanted to upgrade to Apache2.2.8All of a sudden the recompiling process of Apache did not want to start and we