Month: April 2006


Microsoft and the looming storm over virtualization

The gathering consensus among the tech cognoscenti is that virtualization, a technology born on mainframes, is inevitably going to sweep the IT world. But they also assume that Microsoft will be content to watch this


Small Business Podcasting explained and demysitfied

Much has been written lately about the subject of podcasting. Podcasting is a very powerful small business tool but, some are kept away because it all sounds so technical. In this article we will attempt to


The State of Linux: Substantial Growth in New Zealand

Much of the continued explosive growth of Linux adoption in Australia & New Zealand remains unseen, unannounced and often behind the scenes. Although Linux deployments are occurring en-mass, they are often not at all emphasized.


cPanel update via shell

So you cant log into WHM/cPanel to change your upgrade version from stable to release/current or edge?


Changing your default IP of your exim mail server

If you are in the danger of getting your main server IP block by SpamCop because you had a few anoying spamers abusing your server then you could simply change your exim mailserver IP to