Month: March 2006


Enable html files in Apache to process SSI directive

What is SSI ? SSI (Server Side Includes) are directives that are placed in HTML pages, and evaluated on the server while the pages are being served. They let you add dynamically generated content to


How can i view maillog for one domain in Linux ?

SSH into root and type : cat /var/log/exim_mainlog | grep “” > logfile.txt this should create a file called logfile.txt with the desired mail log for


Syctl.conf Hardening

The purpose of syctl hardening is to help prevent spoofing and dos attacks. This short guide will show what I have found to be a good configuration for the sysctl.conf configuration file. The most important


Modify the Joomla 1.0.8 htaccess

As some of you might have noticed , after the recent Fantastico upgrade for Joomla to 1.0.8 , netenberg have choosen to install a default .htaccess file which forces you to either run “AllowOverride All ” in


Joomla 1.0.8 install error

morfargekko reports: The new upgrade in Fantastico to Joomla 1.08 has introduced a little bug which can be easily fixed: For new or upgrade installs of joomla it seems to come up with a 403


Will Googles Writely dethrone Microsoft?

With Google’s acquisition of Writely, I really find it hard to swallow that Microsoft is just going to bite the dust in a matter of months like everyone seems to be predicting. Microsoft has a death


UNIX vs. Windows- What server operating system should you use for your web host

So you’ve decided to create a website? The most obvious thing that you need is of course web hosting. Among other things, like cost and features, you’ll need to decide which server you’ll need: Windows


Disable Smart Errors

Cpanel is not terribly intelligent about interpreting SMART errors or how it runs the SMART monitoring or analysis scripts. As a result is is pretty common to receive Cpanel SMART alerts which are bogus. Disable


Install APF Firewall on a cPanel sever

To install APF firewall login to your server as root and follow this tutorial


Security Guide for cPanel servers

You must keep your box secure at all times, getting compromized could lead to dataloss, which means you loose clients which isnt a very good way to run your buisness. You dont have to be