Month: March 2005


Changing the DATE and TIME on your LINUX server

The set of instructions below worked quickly and easily for your Linux Server You must be logged on as “root” to make this change: Login to Linux box as root and enter root’s password: [me@myserver]


Disable Telnet Access

Telnet should be disabled, and you should use SSH. Telnet sends password in plain text, and ‘crackers/hackers’ can obtain these passwords easily compared to SSH, and then takeover your dedicated web server. 1. Login to


Server Security Considerations

>Server security is as important as network security because servers often hold a great deal of an organization’s vital information. If a server is compromised, all of its contents may become available for the cracker


Beginners Guides: Linux Part 1: Getting Familiar

Getting started with Linux can seem complex, but we will walk you through the first steps. Installation not required


Current Problems with Linux

Over the past few articles, we have been extolling the virtues of Linux, and how and why you should use it. This article is slightly different. We are sure that many Windows users who read


Reseller Web Hosting FAQ

Become your own hosting source. With Reseller hosting you can offer Web hosting services as if they were your own. Learn what is involved in our Reseller hosting FAQs.