Month: January 2005


Deep Linking Strategy for Content Sites

Jack Humphrey writes : Linking – what a mess if you don’t know what’s going on. Either linking is “IN” or it’s “OUT” according to what you read these days.


COMODO acquires Positive Software Corporation

Igor Seletskiy writes : Jersey City, NJ – January 24, 2005 – Comodo Inc., the leader in secure Internet technologies, has acquired Positive Software Corporation of Brooklyn, New York. Positive Software (PSOFT) is the developer


Another Javascript Drop Down Menue with automatic redirect

This one is a great javascript dropdown menue which simplifies the navigation in your site !


Drop Down Menue with automatic redirect

This is a simple drop down menue which is great to simplify the site navigation


Protect Your Web Page Content

This script will discourage the more novice Internet users from copying your content. An alert box will appear displaying your copyright information when the right mouse button is clicked. This script will not completely protect


Is There a Future for LookSmart?

Former search giant LookSmart has reissued investor guidance numbers for the last quarter of 2004. Posting lower revenues than expected, the beleaguered firm admitted it overestimated potential revenues by about $2million and underestimated quarterly losses


Santy worm Googles to attack phpBB2 forums

A NEW internet worm has launched a Google-powered assault on web bulletin boards that use the popular phpBB forum software.


How to make your webalizer traffic stats viewable for all visitors on cPanel ser

This will allow for viewing stats without logging in to cpanel


Real Host Vs. Reseller Host – How Do You Know?

In today?s world of web hosting, there is literally a deluge of companies from which you can purchase hosting services. These hosts can offer a multitude of packages at a variety of prices. But how


Linux Web Hosting FAQ

Our Frequently Asked Questions on Linux gives you insight on what you can expect when choosing a Unix or Linux platform to host your site. Also included is a comparison of Unix vs. Windows Web