Month: November 2004


Build your own Web Service with PHP and XML-RPC

Harry takes us one step further into the world of Web Services. Here he explains how to build your own Web Service – a news feed – using PHP and XML-RPC.


Domain Transfers (and Hijackings) to Become Easier

Domain names could become easier to hijack as a change in domain transfer rules takes effect Friday. Under new rules set by the Internet Corporation for Assigned Names and Numbers (ICANN), domain transfer requests will


E-Commerce Hosting FAQ

This FAQ details the ins and outs of what is required when pursuing online sales. Learn what is involved, what the commonly used ecommerce terms mean and what is needed


Web Developers Can Be Successful Web Hosting Resellers

By becoming a reseller, not only can web developers create websites for their clients, but they can provide their clients with Web hosting, as another studio service. All you need to become a reseller, is


Is Your Website Ready For Prime Time?

So you think its ready to go live. After all of the hard work you?ve done registering your domain, making hosting arrangements, planning your site, and actually creating the pages. Who cares if there is


What Do I Need To Know About Getting A Merchant Account?

A merchant account is a relationship you have with a bank. In this trust, the bank agrees to allow you to charge people?s credit cards for goods and/or services you provide. The bank in turn,


What is DNS propagation and why does it take so long?

You?ve registered your domain name, and paid for hosting with a hosting provider, and uploaded your website to the web server. If this is all done, why can?t you see the results of your hard


Microsoft FrontPage ? An Introduction

Microsoft’s FrontPage editing tool is one of the most commonly used web site editing tools today. It is easy to learn and offers the flexibility to manage your website as it grows. Novice users are


Windows, UNIX, or Linux. Which should You use to run your website??

On the Internet you will find a multitude of Web Hosting Providers offering different packages on different platforms, each touting why theirs is the best and why you should host with them. Windows is better


IP Addresses : Static vs. Shared

One term that is familiar to anyone who has their own website, is the phrase ?IP Address?. But what is an IP address, and how does it affect your website? And what is the difference