Top 5: Perl hashes and arrays, landing a Linux day job, and more

In this week’s top 5, we take a look at Perl, wikis, what the Grateful Dead has to do with Creative Commons, and more.

5. Perl hashes and arrays: the basics

Community moderator Ruth Holloway gets us back to basics with an introduction to two important parts of Perl. If you’re interested in getting started with Perl, you need to read this article.

4. How Linux became my job

Phil Estes tells the tale of how he took his hobby and went pro with it. May we all be so lucky.

3. Create a wiki on your Linux desktop with Zim

Need a private wiki on your desktop? Community moderator Scott Nesbitt shows you how it’s done with Zim.

2. SUNY math professor makes the case for free and open educational resources

Disruption in school will usually get you sent to the principal’s office. But community moderator Don Watkins tells us how open educational resources are making a good disruption.

1. How the Grateful Dead were a precursor to Creative Commons licensing

The Grateful Dead didn’t just make music, they made it so people could share music. Matthew Helmke connects the dots from the Dead to Creative Commons.