Ten Web Site Promotion Tips for DMOZ – Open Directory Project

The dmoz directory is not a search engine. It’s a directory, like a phonebook. It has been categorizing the Internet since 1998. Dmoz currently has over 590,000 categories and sub categories. The main directory itself has sixteen main categories. All subcategories fall under these top sixteen. Imagine, everything in the known universe able to be categorized under a mere sixteen main subject headings. Seems impossible, but it’s true.
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.htaccess Tutorial

In this tutorial you will find out about the .htaccess file and the power it has to improve your website. Although .htaccess is only a file, it can change settings on the servers and allow you to do many different things, the most popular being able to have your own custom 404 error pages. .htaccess isn’t difficult to use and is really just made up of a few simple instructions in a text file.
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Adding an IP address to your Linux Server

This is a quick guide on adding IPs to a system manually. I would only suggest it if you are not using a control panel, such as cpanel, that has a feature to adds ips. If your main ethernet device is eth1 instead of eth0 simply substitute eth1 for eth0. Other then that should be pretty simple to follow, this should work on any standard redhat/centos based system.
Login as root then do the following to add a new ip address to any linux redhat based system. If you have cpanel there is a nice little ip management script that just lets you do it via WHM. For those without cpanel do the following:

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Comparing MSN And Yahoo! Optimization

With the enormous potential of Yahoo! and Microsoft to place major financial and marketing support behind their search engine efforts, there is a strong possibility of some serious search competition. It would be prudent for search engine professionals (SEOs) and other website owners to be certain they are prepared for any upcoming search engine battles for market share.
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