Plesk Login prompt error

Plesk Login prompt Issue

A strange login prompt is presented when trying to view a website on a windows plesk account , even though the website directory is not password protected.

The Fix:
This issue results from the anonymous account password used to deliver the site to public web viewers , getting out of sync with the main account password. To fix, just re sync anonymous password by issuing the following command in the run dialog:

"%plesk_bin%\websrvmng.exe " --update-anon-password

Virtuozzo: Fixing Windows VPS Container Start Errors

Due to the way the Virtuozzo virtualization platform works, all VPS containers are linked to the Host Node Operating System. For this reason, Windows updates are specifically disabled in Virtuozzo VPS Containers as any changes or updates to Windows System Files or Drivers, that differ from the host node can render the VPS Container unusable – All Windows Updates must be approved by SWSoft/Parallels and offered as Virtuozzo updates, which have to be applied on the Host Node.

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Unsuspend Plesk Domain Accounts

Occasionally Plesk can be a little temperamental and suspend accounts over expired validity errors. Attempting to “unsuspend” the account from your Plesk control panel will generally fail, and you will need to activate the domain by force using the command line.

In Windows, goto Start -> Run and cd to your Plesk “bin” folder – typically c:\Program Files\Parallels\Plesk\admin\bin

Then type the following:

domain.exe –on

This can take a little while but you should see “SUCCESS, status of domain changed”, and the domain will again appear as “Active” from your Plesk Control Panel.