The forum dragon strikes again …. Another proposed Internet legislation

Macbeth reports : According to a report issued today
by Ed Oswald, of Beta News, there is another attack on the internet, this one,
extremely dangerous.. Another instance of a Senator bowing to big business, only
this time, hes taking his citizens lives in his hands, if the bill passes..
It seems the internet and the National weather service providing free access to
such things as live radar, weather and news, is hurting big business..

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Firefox 1.0.3 released

A number of security problems were highlighted over the weekend, with details published by Mozilla, and a new version of the browser is now available for download.

Mozilla prefers to launch a whole new browser rather than issue security updates Microsoft-style.

The new download fixes half a dozen potential security problems with the browser.

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PHP Download Manager

Olate Download 3 allows you to add a downloads area to your website and control every aspect of it through an admin control panel. Features include automated installation with PHP4 and PHP5 support, a full templating system, unlimited categories and files, download mirrors, file uploads, file commenting and rating, searching, file agreements, custom fields and more! Use the 100% open source Olate Download free of charge today!
Go here to give it a fiddle
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Centos 3.4 install guide

eth00 has put a great tutorial together :

This guide was designed for PSFservers using centos 3.4 but it will work fine for just about any server install of centos or RHEL.

This guide is going to be using a text mode install simply because it is the most compatible. Note that in doing so the mouse is not going to work! Simply use the tab and arrow keys to move. The install itself is pretty simple but if you have any problems please email me or post them below.

read the step by step article here
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Next BBS is the future of bulletin board messaging

The project team is headed by Chris Ravenscroft, who, having explored the good, the bad and the mediocre, decided it was time for a BBS that was up to date in methodology, security, and speed, as well as feature rich and the all important: free.
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