What is Link Popularity?

The theory goes something like this: The search engine Powers That Be have decided that if other sites are linking to your site, it must be a winner; therefore, it deserves a boost in rankings (when all else is equal). If you think about it, this makes a lot of sense. People link to good sites, not bad ones.
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Keyword Density: How Much Is Too Much

Copywriting for search engines is one of the more important aspects of the SEO industry. Ensuring your content is relevant and keyword rich is an effective method to “impress” the search engines. By impress, I mean that the majority of search engines value optimized content with keyword-laden text. However, if you have too much keyword density, Google and others can consider this spam, and may penalize your site.
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How to Set Up Server Side Includes in Apache

Setting up server side includes — or SSIs — in Apache is quite easy, we’ll show you how.

Most people set up SSIs to allow them to include text files within their Web pages, like a regular footer or nav bar. Of course you can do other useful things, like echoing a date or even executing CGIs — but first, you have to configure Apache to use server side includes.
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